Coffee New Generation, Risaralda Colombia

Giving back to the community and ensuring the next generation has a prosper future is a must. This project concentrates on giving the youth of coffee farms perspective of the future and their farms. Local schools in three villages in the Risaralda region were supported by giving extra curricular activities for their students.

The first part of this project was implemented in three villages of the Risaralda region, giving school kids the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities such as barista courses and coffee tasting classes and the best graded students were taken to a coffee tour.

In 2020 we worked together with the University “Universidad de Caldas” and initiated a Scholarship program for 41 Students. The students will receive a technology degree in Agroindustry once graduated. We´ve received great feedback from the student, some of them have already been able to implement some of the learned subjects in their own farms. The Students are between 18 – 40 years old, they very motived and grateful for this opportunity although most of them would like to have classes at the University, due to the current pandemic this has not been possible.