Schools Moyobamba, Peru

Primero de Mayo and Agua Azul are small, fair trade certified, organic coffee communities in the Peruvian region of Moyobamba. In 2017 we started with the projects for both communities, each project tailored to fit each community and their needs. These projects are still ongoing thanks to the help of Boyers Coffee.

Agua Azul

We noticed there was no infrastructure for children at the initial school level nor medical care or a municipal first aid kit, concluding that the educational quality and health of the population is poor, putting at risk the formation and integral development of the person. With these results we put together the Program in Agua Azul which includes the improvement of the School infrastructure, the building of a playground and a medical campaign. In the school a new playground was build, allowing the children to be children and play in a safe environment. The Medical campaign included general check-ups for children and adults and odontology attention. Apart from the examinations we also held awareness talks for correct personal hygiene, treatment of domestic animals and the correct use of water. 

Primero de Mayo

Here rural education takes place under very difficult conditions, which become a barrier for many children to access quality education.  One of these barriers is limited school infrastructure, therefore this program aims to harmonize educational growth and quality of life in the zone. The program consisted of three pillars, two of which are the renewal of school infrastructure, and kitchen equipment. The third pillar of the project in the community of “1ro de Mayo” was the support to coffee producers with Coffee drying beds. With these drying beds we were able to improve the costs of solar drying by 50% and keep the quality of the coffee. The latter directly helps buyer receive a higher price for their sold dried coffee. Not only did 10 Farmers receive drying beds but we also held training on better agronomic practices and tips from agronomists for the community.