Not a feature. Not an extra. It guides everything we do, to ensure quality and productivity. People and the environment come first. It’s the right thing to do.

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Our sustainability principals

All our projects are 100% traceable, we know exactly how each dollar is invested and we are in constant contact with the origins. We keep track of the project’s implementation, each milestone, and difficulties. Our clients receive updates on the projects during each phase including expenses reports, photos, and testimonials.

We match our Partner’s vision with the reality of each origin. Each project is customized to fit the country, region, and communities needs, the project is discussed with our origin partners and the beneficial community before taking any decisions. We want to make sure the projects have a long-term impact and will be of real benefit to the people.

Our projects Impact communities, we now know this because we follow up on every single project. We work closely with our partners at origin to assure the projects are making a change, we know how many people were involved directly and indirectly, how it has bettered their income or quality of life. We like to see the community thrive, be it producing more coffee, gaining knowledge, or taking better care of their environment.

Our impact areas

Coffee is a business rooted in relationships and people. We promote and support local communities, encourage good labor practices for workers, and drive intergenerational succession to ensure that the long-term future of specialty coffee production remains secure.

Coffee depends on Mother Nature. Our environmental programs work towards building community and landscape resilience against risks beyond the farm. We care about climate change, deforestation, and the sustainable use of natural resources.

By improving the productivity of high-quality specialty coffee plants, we make a direct impact on the farmer’s revenue. We also support efficient farm management to create stable income streams. Altogether, this means that we source better coffee from a happier community.

Our Programs