Our Team

Here people are the main source. All coffee solutions comes from our passion, knowledge and commitment. You are welcome to get to know our team and contact us if you have any comments or questions.


Arnoldo Leiva

Position: CEO
Go-to coffee: Straight black, dripped in a V60
Member since: 1996

Mission: Create a positive social and economic impact on the coffee industry at every levelof the supply chain.

Coffee memory: Playing at the coffee patios as a kid.

Juan Lizano

Position: Trade
Go-to coffee: Good acidity and big body, medium roast, brewed in a French press.
Member since: 2003

Mission: Build lasting relationships with buyer’s and grower’s alike.

Coffee memory: His grandfather “OPA” working in the industry.

Fernando Cabada

Position: Trade
Go-to coffee: French pressed
Member since: 2015

Mission: Find the perfect fit for our clients’ needs in terms of quality, origin and sustainability.

Coffee memory: His first trip to Colombia, when he tried a natural coffee for the first time in his life.

Paula Siles

Position: Trade
Go-to coffee: Dipped in Chemex or on French press.
Member since: 2020

Mission: Be the perfect connection between our clients and origin.

Coffee memory: Collecting coffee with her grandma.

Marcela Stuker

Position: Marketing and Trade
Go-to coffee: Cappuccino
Member since: 2020

Mission: Broadcast the purpose and values of a brand that is so much more than coffee.

Coffee memory: Playing on coffee farms with her brother.

Traffic and Logistic

Yuliana Vargas

Position: Operations Manager & Compliance
Go-to coffee: Honey medium roast
Member since: 2019

Mission: To optimize all processes’ and guarantee everyone’s full potential.

Coffee memory: Having breakfast with her family.

Kerry Zúñiga

Position: Logistics supervisor
Go-to coffee: Cold brew and cappuccino
Member since: 2015

Mission: Build a path and leave a mark on the coffee industry.

Coffee memory: Visiting a coffee farm for a university project.

Lincy Muñoz

Position: Logistics
Go-to coffee: Tarrazú or Guatemalan
Member since: 2018

Mission: Providing to our customers more than coffee, provide them a service and show them the reason why The Coffee Source is different.

Coffee memory: All my experience working at mills.

Sustainability and Traceability

Mauricio Blandino

Position: Sustainability Manager
Go-to coffee: Filter coffee, no sugar
Member since: 2019

Mission: Creating a positive impact on the economic, social and environmental development at the coffee communities TCS buys from.

Coffee memory: Selling Christmas trees at a coffee farm as a teenager.


Wistano Sáez

Position: CFO
Go-to coffee: Mid-roast, bright aciditybrewed in pour over.
Member since: 2016

Mission: Safeguard the availability of resources for The Coffee Source to operate and ensureit is on the right path to achieve its vision.

Coffee memory: Bitten by the “coffee bug” on a tour during a vacation trip to Costa Rica.

Marcela Gamboa

Position: Accounting
Go-to coffee: Guatemala
Member since: 2003

Mission: Be the player who everybody in the account department feels dependable on.

Coffee memory: Harvesting coffeewith her grandfather.

Mariela García

Position: Accounting
Go-to coffee: Mocha
Member since: 2016

Mission: Learn as much as she can about coffee, every day.

Coffee memory: Her visit to “La Hilda” coffee farm and discovering the process behind every cup of coffee.

Melissa Ávila

Position: Accounting
Go-to coffee: Tea
Member since: 2019

Mission: Contribute to the Coffee Source’s swift operation from the account position.

Coffee memory: Bringing Christmas gifts to the children of a nursery at a coffee farm.

Quality control

Francisco Castro

Position: Q Grader
Go-to coffee: Medium and light roast, always at home.
Member since: 2002

Mission: Keep growing as a coffee taster and grader on a worldwide level.

Coffee memory: Going to recollect coffee with my father in the coffee farms of Moravia, Costa Rica.

Achievements: Q Grader certification, Costa Rica’s first national Coffee Cupping Champion,Vienna Coffee Cupping World Championship.

Deiby Cordero

Position: Samples logistic
Go-to coffee: Black, no sugar
Member since: 2008

Mission: Open new markets, sample by sample.

Coffee memory: Collecting coffee as a child on holidays and weekends.