We are an origin trading company We connect a variety of different global origins to the specialty coffee world
by establishing strong relationships with both growers and buyers.

More than coffee traders,

we are experts in relationships. We truly know about our coffee bean’s origins, and their destination— connecting coffee producers with roasters all around the world. We believe in innovation, transparency and human talent.

Work Approach

Through our experience, we have developed unique and personalized relationships meeting each of our clients’ needs. We can help you find the most adequate solutions for your market needs and sustainability objectives.

What do we do?

We help you find the perfect coffee match according to your needed cup profile, origin, and preparation methods. And we can assist you in developing the perfect menu according to your needs.

From origin to warehouses across the United States and Europe, our logistics teams ensure the cargo gets exactly where it needs to be. We can arrange your inland shipments and special package needs as well.

Since we are based in Costa Rica, we are close to where the magic happens: the coffee origins of Central and South America. We can provide you with the needed material to connect every origin with your clients, be it through social media, newsletters, or your web page.

We carefully check the quality of all our coffee by cupping samples for every shipment. Our in-house Q graders, Francisco and Paula are constantly analyzing, roasting, and tasting the most exquisite beans to meet your needs.

We are proud to create a positive impact on the coffee communities our beans come from. For the past 20 years, our team has developed sustainability programs designed to fulfill the specific needs of each origin and client, being able to adapt the size and budget of each project. Today, we run 16 projects in 6 different countries. Additionally, we offer coffee with the following certifications: Fair Trade, Organic, and Rain Forest Alliance.

We offer contract management and hedging against the intercontinental exchange and can accommodate differential basis or outright priced contracts to suit your needs. Our financing solutions ensure the producer is paid immediately and we can hold on to your deliveries until you needed, to help with cash flow.


Everyone has their perfect coffee match, that is why we have over 11 origins to choose from. From Mexico to Brazil, or from Peru to Hawaii, we can select different varieties from the best coffee regions.

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We make sure your coffee is always there where you need it. Working together with Warehouses in North America and Europe we make sure the coffee is safely stored and at your reach.

In Europe, we currently have two locations, one in Hamburg, Germany, and the second one in Tilbury, UK. Our mission is to connect producers and distributors around the world. If you are interested in any other locations in Europe do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the best solution.

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Not an added bonus, not a marketing tool, and not a buzzword. It guides everything we do. It means we can keep ensuring productivity and quality specialty coffee time and time again. The people we work with and the environment they work in, come first, no matter what. No compromise.

Certifications and initiatives we support