Coffee Trading TCS/LFC meets all
your coffee needs in the Latin
American region, from one bag up to
complete containers, depending on
your company's specific needs.



More than 90 years of experience as growers allow us
to identify high-quality coffee farms and mills
throughout the region. We speak the language and are
familiar with the production culture. Therefore, we can
help you find the coffee profile your company needs. We
travel frequently to the growing regions and maintain a
very close relationship with producers/suppliers.



Quality Control
The company has 4 experienced cuppers in house, and
keeps strict quality control of both the final product and
the entire production process. We have a complete
cupping laboratory at our facilities and frequently visit
producers and mills in the area (from Mexico to Peru) in
order to evaluate qualities and processes. This guarantees
the quality and consistency of all our deliveries.


We can offer complete containers under the FOB
scheme in each country or origin, and can also import
into the USA through our company The Coffee Source
Inc. Currently we store our product in warehouses
located in New Jersey (Continental Terminals), Houston
(Dupoy Storage), Oakland (The Annex), and Portland
(Costa Oro), and can also deliver directly to your




We can offer hedging to protect the final
price, giving buyers the opportunity to set
the purchase prices. Moreover, we can design
price strategies according to your needs.


Financing is available for coffee delivered to
warehouses in the USA. Contact us so we can
help define the program that best suits your company.


Detailed information about our coffee is
available to support your marketing plans.
Another of our strenghts is organizing visits
to specific farms and coordinating cupping
sessions at the poing of origin.