With farms llocated on the slopes of Poas Volcano in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, the Vargas family has been growing coffee for three generations and processing at three mills: Doka Estate, La Hilda Estate and Santa Eduviges.

Several social programs have been established, including providing supplies to local schools, one of which is right in La Hilda Estate. Additionally, a scholarship program benefits the children of permanent workers, and funding is made available for local community boards and senior citizen assistance programs.

The Vargas family also provides housing for its pickers and has housing programs for its permanent workers.





Farm and mill waste water is subject to strict management controls, like bio-digesters, a state-of-the-art technology that produces methane gas as byproduct.

Twenty-two percent of the farm land is protected, and includes primary forest, biological corridors and river buffer zones.







All solid waste from the wet mill process (cherry skins) is treated with red worms to produce rich organic compost, which is used in turn to fertilize the fields.

Both La Hilda Estate and Doka Estate are Rain Forest Alliance certified. The goal is to extend the certification to the rest of the farms.